Productivity: Never Wait Again

Waiting is a great pain of my work life. In my day, I regularly wait: for the bus, for the photocopier to finish, at the printer for my documents, by the microwave for my lunch to heat, for a doctor’s appointment, for someone who is late, for my tea to brew, and many other things.

I have decided that I will wait no longer. No, I can’t hurry up the photocopier or tardy person, but I can use my time more usefully.

how to get stuff done as a teacher

When the waiting is a bit longer (like for an appointment or the bus), pull some reading out of your briefcase. Could you always carry an article or book or your eReader? While at the hospital this week I made it though this article about promoting deep learning (pdf).

When the waiting is a minute or two (like for the microwave or tea to brew), do a little job. Could you refill the tea canister while you are waiting or wipe down the countertops? Is the shared work fridge in need of a little sorting out? While making hot beverages in the staff room I usually wash my hands and tidy the dishes.

When the waiting time is unknown (like waiting for a colleague or queuing), try to do a few discreet stretches. Calf raises are easy; while standing, push up onto your toes for a few seconds, then release down again. Tense and release muscles up and down your legs and arms. Or, if there is anyone nearby, use it as a chance to catch up and build a stronger relationship.

And even if there is nothing to do when waiting, thinking is something you can do! Plan and visualise how the rest of your day or week can be successful. You could think ahead to the next lesson you will teach, or mentally run through the next series of lessons to see if one will lead to the other successfully. I often think ahead to my next meeting in the week and make notes about how I want to prepare.

This also reminds me about research years ago that figetity people burn more calories, which is reported on here. I think doing something while waiting is a mental version of fidgeting. It keeps your mind healthy.

What do you do while waiting?